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INZSA event : Senior Talent Week

FUN & FROLIC ruled all four days of senior talent weeks with Ghazals, Punjabi folk songs, talent shows, Bhangra with bolian, gidda with tappe and many more fun activities.

The group presented some lively performances by Seniors (ladies/gents) and folks songs with lots of fun and pomp.
The very first day, activities started with full excitement and enthusiasm from Talent display exhibition with some exotic performances by talented seniors which delighted the stage.
Following day, it started with Ghazal mehfils and Shayaris, Kavi darbars where Ms Roopa Suchdev was seen participating and enjoying to the most along with others.

Bhangra with boliyan, gidda with tappe, song with Tumbi and Dhol items were the hits amongst all. Folk songs and Dhol items were other main programs held on the last day.

Dressed-up in colourful attires, all ladies including Ms Roopa Suchdev had not left any chance to encash the opportunity to dance and enjoy to the tunes on the stage.
The atmosphere was so pepped up; men who were seen sitting at the corner were pulled on to the stage with tunes of Bhangra songs. All seniors were seen singing, dancing and enjoying to the tunes of some great folk songs.