Roopa Aur Aap

Roopa Aur Aap is a community-based organization catering the needs of the entire family in the region on Auckland in New Zealand, which was founded in 2008.

The organisation is led by a small number of staff and a cadre of dedicated volunteers and an image with identity ‘Roopa Suchdev’. RAA is uniquely focused on the needs of South Asians (from India, Fiji, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) people. RAA staff and volunteers speaks most South Asian languages, not limited to Hindi, English, Gujrati, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali and others.

Here we offer help regardless of religion, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation. Our popular community programs serve migrants and their families here in New Zealand.



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“Serve South Asian Community in New Zealand – Social justice and change”

Three-pronged approach:

  • Provision
  • Protection
  • Prevention

Help in developing a safe home, a safe community, a safe country, a safe world for a family to live happily together.



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'Enrichment of Personality through deeds'
  • Zero tolerance to violence by creating ‘violence-free society’
  • Stop, Stand by, and speak for, victims facing discrimination, oppression and racism.
  • Community Development – Create a harmonious multicultural environment.


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“South Asian Community Mobilizing in New Zealand” Fear Free and Dignified Life

By engaging both youth and adults in our community, we raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence within the broader context of violence, build skills for healthy relationships, and ultimately help decrease violence in our communities. Community mobilizing projects are facilitated and coordinated by staff, but are driven by the energy of community members themselves.

Story - Bud to Flower

“Chance does not make your life better, Change does that, so work for that change” .

Roopa Suchdev, a Social Activist in New Zealand. Indian by origin, fighting for social and emotional rights of victims of Domestic Violence whether they are partners – married, ex-partners, same sex couples, family members, children of either member of a couple, live-in carers.

Social change is required, as our culture teaches us to have respect for each other which leads to a healthy relationship, the value she carries as a person (Roopa). Lady with devotee attitude towards raising the voice for any sort of injustice, crime and she is who feels the pain of others.

She had a leadership role in organizing the projects, for the protest of Domestic Violence. Roopa Suchdev, works in the areas of Domestic Violence, psychiatric rehabilitation also called psychosocial rehabilitation and social policy.

She has worked relentlessly to bring about a change in the attitude of people for victim-friendly sphere as well as awareness regarding domestic violence, through political, legal and media advocacy.

Her support group for family’s called JAAGRITI, has a remarkable reputation and a vision to protect in every possible way.

As South Asian Immigrant Families who witnessed the unacceptable rates of domestic violence in the community. They realized that there were limited services available that catered specifically to the needs of South Asian Families and were determined to fill the gap. The wing in the organisation (Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust), since 1995 came into existence where Roopa actively participated.

The Incredible work was carried on, “Stop domestic violence” in the guidance of Roopa Suchdev, who after seeing growing need for a specific service organisation started Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust. What began as a small, volunteer-run operation is now a respected and effective organization which got registered in 2008, as Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust, serving the need of domestic violence sufferers.

Ever since its inception, has helped hundreds of women, men and children to reclaim their lives, protect their families, and secure brighter futures. All clients’ information is kept strictly confidential.

Initially called The Women Support Group called Jaagrati, functioned as a major project, where they had foster to enhance the abilities and skills of migrant women by providing them protection, educational, entertainment, social and cultural support through different programs.

With time the organisation grew and started catering the entire family giving rise to “Jaagriti (Awakening) – Family Support Group” for the entire family in 2014, they still serve primarily the Victims of domestic abuse but now the sphere has widened to women, children and men too.

RAA is guided by a Board of Directors and core members who hold successful backgrounds and an Executive Committee of distinguished community members with extraordinary skills.

Roopa Aur Aap welcomes you as a volunteer- find out how to get involved!