Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Roopa Suchdev QSM


Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.” Therefore, have faith and reach to it as you all deserve to live fear free and healthy life.

Roopa Suchdev, QSM, is a social activist in New Zealand, migrated from India in 1992, since 1995 she is serving the South Asian Community here in New Zealand. Personality which she holds constitutes of: speaks faithfully, shows true beauty of truth and devotedness, stays humble, God fearing person believing in deeds.

Due to the values she carried slowly but strongly devoted herself in social work and social change for the community, where the requirement of a voice, was the demand of the society. She stood and is standing for the community integrity and carries respect for each human being. Arguing for social change inevitably pits her against those whose interests are vested in the established policies and practices of domestic violence.

In the year 2005, she was awarded the QSM (Queen Service Medal) by the government of New Zealand to recognise and reward volunteer service to the community and also public service. To best serve the community, she willingly assume responsibilities and engage in actions that expand upon the functions of specific projects. She promote human and community wellbeing, actualizing through the required quest for social justice, the prevention of conditions that limit human rights, the enhancement of the quality of life with equality for all persons. Hence, the pursuit of social purpose she follows taking care of ‘perform, preventive, restorative and remedial functions’.

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of domestic violence. Roopa believes, your purpose may not always be obvious, but always remember that you do have a purpose. As each one of us deserve to be happy! Live fearless protective life, as this life is a beautiful gift from almighty. Her values, represent strongly held beliefs about how the country should be, about how people should normally behave and about what the preferred conditions of life are. Declaration of independence, the constitution and the laws of the land, which declare and ensure certain rights of people.

She recognizes ‘the central importance of human relationships’. Behaves in trust worthy manner. Focuses on skills designed to enhance victims’ empowerment and capacity for independent action. Respect the individual’s right to make independent decisions and she participate actively in the helping processes. She incorporates an empowerment and strength – oriented perspective for working with victims.

Her efforts includes working with migrants and public officials to arrange programs through Jaagrati Family Support Group which is a strong branch of her tree. Roopa manages the different functions of the charitable organisation which are – crisis appointments, helpline, counselling, refuge accommodation, resettlement, solicitor’s appointments, legal and financial advice, medical services, psychological support, support groups, community outreach, one-on-one support and training and preventative education.

His journey had a strong tool which is media, through media advocacy she had a very vast audience reach. Her Talk shows like, in the past Roopa Aur Aap and the present which is Aap Aur Hum every Saturday on air, taking the issues which requires strong awareness. Not only this many stage plays add to her list of community uplift along with events, projects, campaigns organised. The motto was and is provision, prevention, protection, from domestic violence and few other agendas which are affecting our cultural and societal roots.

Along all this, Roopa demonstrates respect for and acceptance of the unique characteristics of diverse population here in New Zealand. She does not limit herself to remedial activities but rather seeks out environmental causes of the problems and strongly support efforts aiming at improving each client’s environments.

She is among the ones who perform their services with populations that are characteristics by great DIVERSITY including the intersection of dimensions such as “age, class, culture, disability, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status, religion, sex and sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, age and national origin.”

She is a social practitioner, a warm, caring, open and responsible person who safe-guards the confidentiality of information disclosed by clients because she values the personal values of every individual.

Ella Kumar


  • Puketapapa (Mt Roskill) Elected Local Board Member, Auckland Council
  • Life style Co ordinator, Health and Fitness Educator, ProCare Health Limited
  • Fitness Instructor, The University of Auckland
  • Health and Fitness Educator
  • Group Fitness Instructor at various local gyms
  • Tutor, Mt Roskill Grammar School Community Education

Nivedita Sharma Vij

  • Diabetes and SME Educator / DSME Coordinator, Auckland PHO

Apurva Khetarpal

  • Immigration Advisor and Business Advisor, Ivisas Ltd

Dr. Pushpinder

  • DHMS, Reiki Healer, Teacher, Consultant Doctor at Auckland Homoepathic Solutions Ltd

Kulwant Kaur

KUK Samachar

  • Founder Member and Manager at Hope n Help Charitable Trust
  • Reporter at KUK Samachar, NZ