Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Corporate support relationships can take a variety of forms. Here are just some of the opportunities...

1. Make RAA as your Charity

RAA would be thrilled to meet with organisations looking to form a new charity partnership In exchange for your support we can offer you fundraising ideas, volunteering opportunities for your staff, team fitness challenges and the opportunity to benefit from our training and advice, etc.

If you are an employee, why not nominate us to make a contribution in social change.

2. Donate funds

RAA helps women and families each year by providing refuge accommodation, resettlement, crisis appointments, a helpline, counselling, housing, legal and financial advice, solicitor’s appointments, support groups, play therapy, one-to-one support and training and preventative education.

The kind donations that RAA receives from individuals and businesses make a real difference to how many people we are able to reach. If you or your business would like to make a donation to RAA, please contact us.

3. Donate skills or gifts in kind

RAA is always happy to hear from businesses that are interested in a ‘skill exchange’.

Providing time or skills as a team is a great way to bond, to boost staff morale and to highlight how valuable your staff is.

Your business can donate their time and skills in exchange for our knowledge and expertise, or simply as a ‘donation’. Whichever you choose, you will be making a demonstrable difference to our work, and to your CSR policy.

4. Event sponsorship

RAA runs several popular events every year, each offering sponsorship opportunities to interested businesses.

In return, your sponsorship will be acknowledged in our marketing, mailing lists and on the website, and you will receive updates from us in your sponsored post, informing you of the work that your funding is facilitating.

Contact us for any further information.

5. Fundraising at work

There are many ways that you and your colleagues can help to fundraise for RAA. You could organise a dress-up day at work, you could put together a team to compete in our charity challenge, or Muffin day, and the ideas are endless if you wish.

Even if your workplace could host a collecting box for us, it would make a big difference. So if you want to help, then we want to hear from you! Contact us for more information or for fundraising ideas!

Corporate social responsibility programs can be of benefit to both RAA and the businesses we partner with. Common thinking 'love to work for organisation that donate time or money to charities.’

RAA has corporate opportunities for businesses looking to establish working relationships with the charity.

Depending on your preferred level of commitment, we can offer you with few benefits which include the following:

  • An increase in your organisation’s profile.
  • Marketing opportunities
  • A profile on the RAA website.
  • Domestic violence awareness training for staff and managers.
  • Assistance with drafting a workplace domestic violence policy.
  • The opportunity to sponsor RAA events and other agencies we work with.

Get in contact with us and we can discuss an approach that suits your organisation.

You may call Roopa Suchdev at (021) 665 609, (09) 620 4606

RAA is a local charity working to cater all through New Zealand, that works to support women, men and children who have been affected by domestic violence. Among the many services on offer are counselling, training, awareness through workshops, safe home, preventions services and local helpline.

Domestic violence is common, affects employees too, may occur at work. There is a perception that domestic violence only happens in the home, but victims are targeted at work also. Some perpetrators misuse workplace information or resources such as time, phones or email to threaten, harass or abuse their current or former partner.

This is a cause for concern as their actions can bring the organisation into disrepute.

Domestic abuse can impact on the productivity and performance of your business.

  • It will help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility requirements and it will help women, men and children in need. But it also makes good business sense.
  • Forming a working relationship with Roopa Aur Aap can have numerous benefits for your business and employees. Most obviously it will help you to fulfil your commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • It can improve staff morale.
  • Demonstrating that you are committed to your CSR responsibility can significantly boost staff morale, and even influence their decision about which company to work for. Beyond that, supporting Roopa Aur Aap demonstrates a real dedication to employee safety and safety in the community.
  • It can help you reach a wider audience.
  • As one of our corporate supporters you can benefit from having a highlighted presence on our website, marketing materials, mailing list and at any number of our annual events.
  • This can help to publicise your business to a wider audience: an audience that will appreciate your efforts to support those who are or have been domesticviolence victims.
  • It can help you to make a difference to the lives of your employees.
  • In return for your investment in our work, we will help you to invest in your employees.
  • We can offer you advice, training, workplace materials and assistance with drafting a workplace domestic abuse policy.
  • All of this demonstrates to your staff that you have a real commitment to their health and wellbeing.