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In home where there is domestic violence, children are in the same or next room when it happens.

In some cases, the children themselves will suffer physical or sexual abuse from the same perpetrator. There is even evidence that violence frequently continues and often escalates after separation. The effect of abuse (e.g., pain, distress, anger, irritability, fear, reduced mobility, and hospitalisation) may impact on a mother’s parenting capacity.

Domestic violence may result in mothers being emotionally distant, unavailable or unable to meet their children’s needs. Evidence suggests that violence can damage the mother–child relationship. Belittling, undermining, insulting and hitting women in front of their children may affect children’s respect for their mother’s authority, and her ability to exercise authority and control over her children, young people may go onto to abuse their mothers/siblings as having witnessed this behaviour feel it is ‘okay’ to use violence to communicate.

Jaagriti (Awakening) Family Support Group, offers special services to help children, young people and families affected by domestic violence. Jaagrati works in partnership to provide parenting help and support to help mothers regain their confidence in parenting and renew the bonds with their children.

Whatever is going with you, it is important to seek help and support.

ROOPA AUR AAP HELPLINE – +64 21665609 , (09) 443 5622

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