How we can help

How we can help


All services are free and confidential.

We believe that every person experiencing domestic violence has different needs.There is no single package of services to meet those needs – no ‘one size fits all’. We offer professional services according to the needs and the demand of the situation.

Our network of services are listed below:

Domestic Violence Helpline

24x7 Domestic Violence Helpline, to give emotional support and practical information. We help women, men and children to explore their options and escape abuse.


Roopa Aur Aap runs advertising campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence. Our campaigns is through the medium of media talk shows, plays, tv shows which reach out to community people, telling them the major issues to be looked and how to tackle them and remind them what is right and what are inhumanly acts and making the victims aware where to get help and reminding them that they are not alone. Events are run now and then to strengthen are cultural threads and raise the funds for the appropriate cause.

Safe Houses

A network of safe houses in collaboration with other agencies across the country. Our safe houses provide emergency accommodation for victims fleeing abuse. But they are more than just a roof over a head. They give victim the time and space to make decisions about their futures. Our specialist staff are on hand to provide emotional and practical support.

Independent domestic violence advocacy

Our Independent Domestic Violence Advocates provide expert guidance for women and men going through civil and criminal courts.

Child support workers

We have channel association with other agencies to support child victims through professionally qualified staff who provide vital one-on-one and group counselling sessions for our child residents.

Outreach services

Some women, men or even the young children may choose not to go into a safe house or leave their home. Our outreach workers meet with women at safe times in their own homes or in discreet places in the community. They help them to draw up safety plans, progress housing applications and also provide emotional support.

The Gender Equality service

This service, supports victims of all types of gender violence.

Training/Educational Programs/Workshops

This service is for those who wish to learn English, computer education, etc. To keep up with pace with the growing world need and giving them the motivational power of knowledge and feel that they are not less than any other individual. Now and then RAA organise workshops for awareness of domestic violence and how to prevent it or how you can protect yourself. Health related, Career guidance, CV formation, etc are also organised to support the community people.