Jaagrati (Awakening) Family Support Group

Jaagrati (Awakening) Family Support Group

Working for the families to flourish with strong threads of Trust, Love & Respect.

Jaagriti (Awakening)on the path to accommodate the needs of women, men and children subjected to violence and oppression through its programs and community outreach. – 'COMMUNITY AWARENESS'

♦ By providing an environment that incorporates diversity in its staff, Board Members and Trustees, programs and community partners, and above all the victims whom we cater.
♦ By providing continued education and training to prepare the staff and volunteers to provide effective services and the educational programs which fulfil the needs of the needy coming to us.
♦ Integration & Promotion of Culture by carrying out cultural exchanges, traditional shows and events, seminars and workshops.

Giving rise to uncountable problems which have to be erased completely for a smooth and healthy family life. Therefore we are running an effort to make this beautiful place a paradise. Our services which includes:

  • Language/Skills Development Program
  • Social Engagement Program
  • Assistance against Domestic Violence
  • Health and Safety Program
  • Relationship Building Program
  • Information and Awareness Services
  • Finance Solutions Workshops
  • Newcomer Settlement Program