Plan for Safety

Plan for Safety


Leaving must be done with a careful plan, battered women frequently leave the residence they share with the battering partner.

The following safety strategies can be followed:

A. Leave money and an extra set of keys with __________ so that you leave quickly.

B. Keep copies of important papers and documents or an extra set of keys at __________.

C. Open a savings account by__________, to increase my independence.

Other things you can do to increase your independence include:

D. The domestic violence telephone number is __________ and you can seek shelter by calling this number.

E. Keep change for phone calls for yourself at all times. Understand that if you use your telephone credit card, the following month the telephone bill will tell your batterer those numbers that you called after you left. To keep your telephone communications confidential, you must either use coins or you might get a friend to permit you to use their telephone credit card for a limited time when you first leave.

F. Check with_____________ and ____________ to see who would be able to let you stay with them or lend you some money in an emergency.

G. Can leave extra clothes with______________.

H. Sit down and review your safety plan every ____________ in order to plan the safest way to leave the residence. _____________ (domestic violence advocate or friend) has agreed to help you review this plan.

I. You should rehearse the escape plan and, as appropriate, practice it with your children.