Our Services

Counselling/ Mediation

Our Counselors provide range of therapeutic services and act as a compassionate facilitator who are experts in providing culturally appropriate services to the family harm victims in their own language. The sessions benefit the community by decreasing stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, conflicts, traumatic impact of past events, unwanted behavior problems, anger etc. These sessions enable them to restore their lives and become socially and mentally independent in the future.

Crisis Intervention

We have well-crafted intervention system in place for victims of family violence. Through our services, we try to determine options to resolve the conflict, counsel the victim and the perpetrator, help to stabilize their emotions to enable them to thrive in the face of chronic stress. We benefit them by reducing the incidence of family harm thereby forming Strong family bonds.


Legal Support

We have professional Lawyers on our Board who assist and guide the victims about the civil and
criminal legal matters. We engage with the Lawyers who help the victims to resolve their  legal and immigration affairs. The staff keep themselves informed by remaining in touch with both the lawyer and the client.

On-Going Personal / Individual Services:

We provide post traumatic solutions as a part of recovery and resilience of the victims. We empower them to gain a balance in their life and develop healthy and stable personalities. This is done through helping them to make right choices about themselves, enhancing their skills, overcoming low self-esteems etc. We also use talking therapies to bring positive change in their thinking, behaviour, feelings and relationships.

Individual Services

Awareness Campaigns and Informative Workshops

We conduct campaigns to create awareness and to change the thought process of the community
about family harm. Regular workshops are undertaken by us at various locations to create awarenessfocused on various social issues such as elder abuse, good parenting, healthy relationships, rights of women, children and many more. By doing this we encourage the people to come out and speak about their problems/issues rather than suffering silently from violence and any type of abuse. We also organize training and educational workshops to empower community to live life to the fullest by supporting their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We help them to realize their potential by enhancing their life skills and talents. Various activities/classes undertaken such as English speaking, computer skills, gardening, sewing, information on managing the finances and many more to help them to lead an independent life.

Awareness Campaigns and Informative Workshops


We collaborate and partner with other organizations providing similar type of services. This helps us to mutually support and share the resources in delivering the services to the victims of family harm.

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