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Who We Are

RAA focuses on the development of the South Asian Community who are facing inequality and violence. Our main aim is to provide free counselling, give interventions programmes for the victims of domestic violence and disputes. We strive to improve our services for survivors through our prevention and awareness campaigns, workshops and reviews. We also educate and empower the weaker individuals and families of the South Asian community.


We Provide Care

We care for our clients through culturally appropriate tailored services as per their needs. We strive to support them through crisis and trauma by taking care of their every vital requirement. We extend our helping hand beyond man-made borders.

We Consult

We also provide legal and immigration consultation services, through professionals, to our clients facing various problems related to Legal and Immigration matters in their lives. Our services are not only for family harm victims but open to all. We provide support to the South Asian migrant community in every possible way.

We Strengthen

We provide counselling services to strengthen relationships and bond families. We help individuals to develop confidence and determination. Through our services, we aim to strengthen the south Asian migrant community into a thriving, responsible and creative citizens of New Zealand

We Educate

Our area of functioning is wide. We not only provide varied services to domestic violence victims but also provide educative and informative workshops. We try our best to educate the migrant community about domestic violence and help them to get assimilated into the mainstream kiwi life.


Anitha thought the whole domestic violence story came to an end once she met someone special.

I met my husband 18 years ago. He seemed a nice easy-going polite man, until I got married to him and moved with him to NZ. I began to see and feel the other side of him. He started giving me a feeling that I was good for nothing…

I had always been involved with their day to day care and that gave me a purpose.

Raj tells his domestic abuse story candidly and with a lot of confusion, he simply did not recognise the emotional abuse with which he was living, but he did notice the effect it was having on him…



Change The Life Of Those, Who Have No  Hopes

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