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In the 10th year of RAA operation

We are committed to fight against domestic violence through Inspiration, Courage, Dream and Harmony. We urge every silent sufferer to break the chain of violence and live without fear. We try to help people in every possible way in crisis and distress irrespective of ethnicity , age and gender.


Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust (RAA) a “not for profit” organisation was started in 2008 by Roopa Suchdev QSM, a recipient of Queen Service medal for her excellent social work. Although Roopa Suchdev QSM was working for the victims of domestic violence and abuse from 1996 but the organisation officially came into existence from 2008. The organisation has been named Roopa Aur Aap Charitable as mark of respect for Roopa Suchdev QSM the founder of it. The organisation has built its existence and reputation through diligence, dedication and determination.

“In the 10th year of its operation, Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust (RAA) has built its solid foundation on critical factors like gender equality, non-judgemental support to the victims of domestic violence, free counselling, quality service providers and high standard of confidentiality. The organisation has been diligently working with various other organisations like Salvation Army, Women Care Charitable Trust, Family Action and Avondale Police. The organisation is currently in the process of getting accreditation from the ministry of social development. The organisation is also actively providing assistance to all families in need of counselling.”

The agency is very quickly developing its reputation for being one of the premier community based organisation whose service is quintessentially different in every aspect from other similar organisations. RAA uses emotional intelligence and empathy to understand the dilemma of the victims. Its services are prompt and accurate, and it focuses on therapeutic intervention programmes designed as per the needs of each individuals seeking support in crisis. The organisation also focuses on therapeutic methods to engage victims in diverse activities like gardening, cultural and language classes, computer classes, drama classes, etc. One of the biggest differences that this organisation has from other similar organisation is that it involves senior citizens in its workshop and actively provides support services to them. It focuses on elderly abuse and children at risk. The organisation is vigorously advocating the case of abused children with the South Asian Community. It provides special counselling to children of neglected and separated families.


We envision a world with men and women regardless of race , ethnicity, income level or social status are nutured and empowered to reach their fullest potential


Our vision is to help victims of domestic violence and sudden tragedies. Restore and enhance their quality of life while working to prevent further victimization

Roopa Aur Aap

  • 021 665 609 / 09 620 4606
  • info@roopaauraap.org.nz
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