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is the driving force behind RAA. The organisation’s existence and success were brought by her diligent, tireless and dedicated social work from 1996. RAA is anonymous without Roopa Suchdev QSM. She had been working for more than 20 years with the victims of family harm and abuse within the South Asian Community Her incredible and indomitable spirit has taken RAA to a well-known dependable, trusted, effective and efficient organization for not only stopping domestic violence in numerous families but also creating awareness and educating the South Asian Community to fight against every type of domestic violence. Since the time of its establishment, RAA has been significantly and continuously changing lives for many and has been successfully bringing transformation in the attitude amongst the ignorant people in this particular community. Today RAA is a symbol of dignity in human living, focusing on its every aspect of activities Roopa’s strength of mind and her passion for dignity. Roopa Suchdev QSM did not restrict herself for only one specific cause but has gone beyond the horizon and boundary to provide unique learning experiences for the children in her weekend school. As an educator par excellence, she thoughtfully imparts Indian cultural values to the young minds to make them better citizens for a better New Zealand. Her tireless striving to serve mankind has even made her create a platform for today’s young graduates searching for jobs through her workshops. Her active involvement in organising National and cultural festivals has brought smiles and happiness to many hearts lost in the loneliness of their existence in our busy society. Roopa Suchdev’s contribution cannot be summed in few lines. She has a larger than life image and describing her in few lines is only an attempt to provide a glimpse of her truthful existence as a versatile humanitarian activist.

Rani Singh :  “Victim Support Manager” ( Pol. Sc Honours, CIDTT, IGDCS, B’ed)


qualified Educator, Counsellor and Administrator with more than 15 years of experience in various fields at reputed organisations. Currently she is working as an Victim Support manager, responsible for developing infra-office communication protocols, office staff supervision and streamlining administrative procedures. She demonstrates excellent interpersonal and planning skills.

Sakina S Ali : Counsellor (Full Member of NZAC)

Sakina Ali – Counsellor & Social Worker – Registered with MNZAC & MANZASW Sakina has been practicing as a Counsellor since she completed her Professional Counselling Diploma in year 2013. She is also a Professional Social Worker after completing her degree in 2008. She has extensive Counselling and Social Work knowledge and experience. She has worked with various age groups, facilitates individuals and supports them for long term improvements and self-actualisation. Also, Sakina is multilingual, which helps clients to feel at ease, whilst discussing their issues in their language.


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